Film Screenings

WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) has been organizing Film Screenings since 2016 at The Grey Space In The Middle. Our aim is to provide a platform for relevant (experimental) filmmakers around the world, in order to support (better) access to films that ordinarily seem to be missing or unavailable in the (Dutch) landscape.

With the public domain currently being off-limits, we have decided to take a sidestep within your web browser and will move all our activities to the World Wide Web! Check it out: All In This Together

Playful Events

Besides the (more) traditional film screenings, we also organize experimental screening events — often in collaboration with artists, writers, designers and (film)makers. These events are attempts to reconsider the way that we look at film today, whether it’s in the cinema, in a museum, on our phones while in the train, or at home on our television/laptop.

To what capacity do the pre-existing platforms (still) provide optimal opportunities for modern day film(works) to be ‘viewed’, and to what capacity do they empower or obstruct?

All In This Together

All In This Together is an online cinema platform that offers an alternative online ‘movie-going’ experience than the usual ‘browse and press-play’ environment commonly found in ‘video-on-demand’ platforms. By also programming the environment in which we get to see the films, we aim to offer a space for (film)makers who’s work function in-between contemporary art and cinema.

AITT is a collaborative effort with buurmen, who specialize in internet based projects.

  • We will be taking a little break
  • Edition 4 is coming somewhere in August!